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Renee Carll


Fun fact about me:

Renee loves to be outside doing new projects and fixing different things that break. Renee can also be seen outside enjoying the chickens she is raising. One of her favorite activities is going snowmobiling and enjoying the mountains in the winter.

Brian Steinhoff

Vice President

Fun Facts about me:

During a beautiful day in Sunny Florida, Brian loves to fly his drone to capture scenes from a birds-eye-view of iconic landscapes and coastlines. Other than any commitments, Brian loves to explore Florida with his family.


Karrie Bercik


Fun fact about me:

Karrie owns and operates a 170-acre farm in Pennsylvania where she rescues, rehabilitates, and rehomes when possible horses. Since starting her private rescue Karrie has helped more than 50 horses and currently resides there with 27 horses, a pony, and two miniature horses, 15 cats that have found their way to the farm, three very spoiled poodles, and her husband.

Tanya Velasquez


Fun fact about me: 

Tanya is known as the best player when it comes down to the Jenga game. Not only that, but Tanya also is a danger to play with the pool billiard game! 

Angela Professional Headshot.jpg

Angela Roth

Business Advisor

Fun fact about me: 

When a huge batch of hot peppers took off in the garden, it started Angela’s experimenting making HOT SAUCES, which she shares with family and friends…and anyone willing to try them!

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