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Open Space Office

Our Services

English / Spanish / ASL

We are committed to providing equal access. Each of our services is available in English, Spanish, or American Sign Language (ASL).

Build your Resume

We can help you to build an employment resume that showcases your skills and helps you land the job of your dream.


We can help guide you through the application and decision-making process from beginning to end. 

Community Advocacy

We consistently seek opportunities to ensure your rights are not violated and you receive the accommodations which are required by the ADA.

Legal Aid

We provide you a list of legal services that means finding one who not only specializes in your case type but also has a history of winning court.

American Sign Language (ASL)

The learning of ASL develops awareness and sensitivity to cultural and linguistic diversity. We have the resources for you.



VP: (407) 268-6269




Tuesday - Thursday

9 am - 1pm EST 

3700 Commerce Blvd.

Suite 216

Kissimmee, FL. 34741


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